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Bussmann series high speed square body fuses

Eaton’s Bussmann series High speed Square Body semiconductors fuses are suitable for the protection of AC and DC Drives, power converters/rectifiers and variable speed drives.<br>

Rated current
1 to 5500 Amps
Rated voltage
Up to 2000 V a.c./ 1000 V d.c.
Operating class
aR and gR

Core features

Available as aR and gR operating class<br> Wide choice of current and voltage ratings<br> Full range of protection<br> DIN 43620 fuses available with dual indicator system<br> Specialist team of electrical experts<br>

Reliable design

Eaton’s Bussmann series High speed square body fuses are well established, reliable products, giving you peace of mind your installation is protected by the most cost effective and efficient fusible circuit protection solutions.

Full range of protection

Eaton Bussmann series High Speed square body fuses provide both overload and short circuit protection, ensuring that your application is as safe as possible

Dedicated team of fuse application engineers

Our team of specialist fuses field applications engineers will do its upmost to help you select the correct fuse for your application, ensuring your application is protection by the best fuse protection available.
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