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Bussmann series medium voltage oil fuses

Eaton's Bussmann series oil tight medium voltage fuses are designed for use in oil filled switchgear. They are suitable for primary side transformer protection and oil filled switch combination unit. This type of fuses was pioneered in the UK. Eaton has been in continuous manufacture for almost 40 years being by far one of the most widely used device of its kind in the world. Over 1 million of Eaton's Bussmann series oil tight medium voltage fuses have been put in service.

Rated current
Up to 250 Amps
Rated voltage
Up to 24 kV

Core features

  • Unique triple seal system
  • Cool running, low watts loss and low power dissipation
  • Silver elements
  • 100% X-ray

Triple seal design

Eaton's Bussmann series Medium voltage Oil fuses are specifically designed for oil submerged applications with a unique triple seal to prevent oil ingress for long service life and reliable protection.

Dedicated team of fuse application engineers

Our team of specialist fuses field applications engineers will do its upmost to help you select the correct fuse for your application, ensuring your application is protection by the best fuse protection available.

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