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xPole EAM UK residual current circuit breaker

Eaton offers a complete range of compact residual current devices for fault current/residual current and additional protection in residential and small commercial applications.

pole versions available
2- and 4-
rated currents up to
100 A
versions available

Core features

  • Twin-purpose terminal (lift/open-mouthed) at top and bottom
  • Can be positioned on busbar at top or bottom
  • Free terminal space despite installed busbar
  • Universal tripping signal switch can be retrofitted
  • Z-HK auxiliary switch can be retrofitted
  • Contact position indicator red - green
  • Time-delayed types suitable for use with standard fluorescent lamps, with or without electronic ballast (30mA-RCD: 30 units per phase conductor; 100mARCD: 90 units per phase conductor)
  • The installation position does not affect the functioning of the device
  • Since tripping does not depend on the mains voltage, this RCD is suitable for “fault current/residual current protection” as well as “additional protection” within the meaning of the applicable standards
  • Mains connection at either side
  • The 4-pole device can also be used for 2- or 3-pole connections
  • Mandatory in systems with surge arresters downstream of the RCD

Reliable protection for machines

These products help maintain an optimal system and provide additional protection against residual earth leakage currents for a wide range of applications. They come with different tripping characteristics to cater for a variety of electrical systems and components. The devices offer a wide range of nominal currents and comprehensive optional accessories.

Type A

Protection against special forms of residual pulsating DC currents that have not been smoothed.

Type S

Type S selective residual current device for AC current monitoring.
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