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PXS24 xEffect Electronic Protection Module

The PXS24 is an electronic protection module for 24 VDC circuits. The tripping behavior addresses the requirements in the 24 VDC circuits. It provides reliable protection, especially in combination with long cable lengths as well as in the event of high system caused inrush currents. The modular system structure offers direct connection up to 3 loads as well as channel-specific controlling, switching and signaling. The PXS24 not only ensures the highest level of protection and system availability, but it also saves time, space and installation costs.  

Highest System Availability
through active current limitation
Reliable safety
for long cable lenghts
Maximum Flexibility
with single channel modules

Core features

  • Modular system – 1 channel modules with and without integrated feed-in terminals
  • In up to 16 A
  • Selective switch-off – only faulty circuits will be switched off  
  • Protection of long cable lengths – safe switch-off also in case of small overloads or short circuits 
  • Protect & Switch in one device – reduce coupling relays
  • Inputs & outputs on board – remote reset & signaling per channel
  • Direct connection of up to 3 loads
  • Sub sequent control – easy linking of channels
  • Simple and quick installation with push-in terminals and busbars
  • PLC compatible according to IEC/EN 61131-2
  • UL approval

The PXS24 offers the perfect combination to detect the smallest overcurrents, but also to ensure trouble-free operation even in the event of high system caused inrush currents.  


    Reliable protection of long cable lengths

    The electronic platform can detect even the smallest overcurrents and switch them off within a short time. The tripping behavior provides reliable protection, especially in combination with long cable lengths. As a result, a high level of protection is ensured and only the faulty part of the system is switched off.


    Increase system uptime by managing inrush peaks 

    When switching on loads, high inrush currents often occur, which can also lead to an unwanted tipping of the protective device. The PXS24, on the other hand, actively limits the current for a certain period of time – without tripping. This leads to a maximal system availability.

    A modular and scalable system

    With the PXS24, you save costs and need less space for your installation. There is no need to buy four or even eight channel modules. You can also easily expand the number of channels later. This will pay off, for example, if a channel is missing during the installation, or if additional channels are needed at a later point.

    Save space, wiring effort & costs

    As well as the protective function, the PXS24 can also be used as a switching device. Therefore, the number of relays or contactors can be reduced – which saves space and costs as well as reducing the wiring effort. The PXS24 has fully integrated digital inputs and outputs, making integration into the controller very easy. Overall, up to three consumers can be connected directly to a device, which in turn reduces again the required space and wiring effort.

    Reliable protection


    Robust design

    Factory / Industrial

    Global use

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