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FP2 Inductor

Eaton's FP2 power inductors have high current carrying capability in single and dual conductor versions. Both versions come in a 7.20 mm x 6.70 mm footprint surface-mounted packages with heights varying between 3.0 mm and 5.0 mm. The single conductor type has an inductance range from 0.047 uH to 0.150 uH and a current range from 25.5 A to 42 A. The dual conductor version allows for low inductance and high current or high inductance and lower current and can be used in series. Inductance ranges from 0.047 uH to 0.480 uH and the current range is from 9.0 A to 42 A. FP2 power inductors can be used in several applications including server, multi-phase and Vcore regulators, voltage regulation modules, battery power systems and graphics cards.

Technical data sheets

FP2 inductor data sheet
High current carrying capacity
Current range from 9.0 to 42 Amps
Single and dual conductors