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HCM inductor

Eaton’s HCM product line uses pressed powder construction providing a robust high-current, low-EMI inductor, ideal for computing and server applications. The HCM product features high current, low EMI and superior performance with current ratings up to 118 A. The HCM provides a soft roll-off over temperature and superior heat dissipation and low EMI. The HCM product has a maximum operating temperature of +125°C.

With a wide variety of SMT package sizes from 5 to 17 mm and inductance values of up to 68 uH, the HCM is ideal for a wide range of applications including voltage regulator modules (VRM), multi-phase regulators, point-of-load modules, desktop and server VRMs and EVRDs, base station equipment, notebook and laptop regulators and battery power systems.

High current carrying capacity
Available in several footprints, profiles and inductance values
Pressed powder construction, low EMI

Eaton power magnetics products ensure EMI shielding for industrial process control

Industrial automation refers to the use of process control systems such as microcontrollers, robots, IoT systems, and more to handle various industrial operations. The primary purposes are to increase the output and efficiency of processes while minimising errors due to human involvement. ...

Eaton power inductors prevent noise intrusion in industrial process control systems

For reliable and efficient process control in industrial applications, shielding of the control circuits from electrical noise intrusion is essential. Electromagnetic interference (EMI) or ‘electrical noise’ is a form of disturbance that can adversely impact the system efficiency ...
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