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XLR-LV Supercapacitor module

Eaton’s XLR-16 supercapacitor modules provide industry leading ESR, high power density, and ultra-long lifetimes in applications such as generator starting, material handling systems, wind turbines, transport systems and rail/traction.

The XLR-16 module provides continuous current, reliable power delivery, and high vibration withstand in a modular, industry-standard footprint. The modules can be used as standalone energy storage or in combination with batteries to optimise cost, lifetime and runtime needs.

XLR-LV Supercapacitor module

Supercapacitors deliver reliable power for generator starting

Generators provide critical auxiliary or back-up power to industrial processes when grid power is unavailable. Many industries depend on these back-up power systems in the event of unexpected power outages to prevent interruptions to sensitive processes and costly downtime on operations.

XLR-16 Supercapacitor module product aid

Rugged, dependable, high power density, long-life supercapacitor modules