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Pro-FX software

Featuring easy-to-use software and a robust library of pre-programmed development tools, Eaton’s Pro-FX Technology Platform streamlines application development and simplifies hardware setup, empowering you to build safer, smarter machines quickly and cost efficiently. Unlike proprietary systems that tie you to a single supplier, Pro-FX is an open platform that uses industry-standard languages and protocols, giving you greater flexibility and enabling you to integrate components and subsystems faster and easier.
Non-proprietary platform makes it easier to integrate other machine subsystems
Robust library of development tools eliminates the need to build code from scratch
Intuitive user interface
Highly visual interface helps establish application-specific parameters with ease

Pro-FX Control

Advanced software that streamlines custom application development

  • Open, non-proprietary platform based on a standard global development environment makes it easier to integrate other machine subsystems, add advanced functionality and find qualified programming resources
  • Robust library of pre-programmed development tools automatically scales inputs and outputs, eliminating the need to build code from scratch and accelerating application development
  • Supports the six standard languages defined by IEC 61131-3, giving you the flexibility to choose the method best suited to your needs
  • Features both CANopen and J1939, two of the most widely used communication protocols in the industry

Pro-FX Configure

Easy-to-use configuration tools that simplify hardware setup

  • Test and tune Eaton’s Pro-FX Ready products in just minutes, versus manual processes that can take months
  • Instead of ordering and stocking customised hardware, you can order basic configurations of Pro-FX Ready products off the shelf and easily customise them as needed by customer or application
  • The programmes feature an intuitive, highly visual interface, helping engineers set application-specific parameters quicker
  • Offers a consistent experience for all connected products, which reduces training and setup time

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