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VFX displays

With smarter software tools and a growing library of pre-programmed visual elements, Eaton VFX programmable displays help streamline front-end development and speed time to market, empowering you to create customized displays faster than ever before. Plus, VFX displays are engineered to perform and built to last in demanding environments and applications, helping your customers get more work done more efficiently.
VFX displays
Durable construction & best-in-class viewability
Speed development and time to market
6 programming languages; supports CANopen and J1939

Rugged construction that's proven to perform in any environment

Harvester and tractor

Eaton VFX displays provide best-in-class viewability, helping ensure safer, more productive operations. They’re designed to perform reliably in nearly every application and engineered to last, with a mean time to failure of 15,000 hours. Features include:

  • Optically bonded display that helps eliminate glare and condensation build-up
  • Powerful backlight for easy readability, even in direct sunlight
  • Wide operating temperature range of -40°C to 85°C
  • IP67 rating for high levels of ingress protection against water and dust

Sophisticated functionality that promotes greater productivity

Excavator and dump truck on construction site

VFX displays replace mechanical levers and switches with a highly visual, easy-to-use interface that greatly enhances operator experience. The displays help operators visualise information quickly, improving productivity and minimising downtime. Features include:

  • Full colour graphics and exceptional screen resolution
  • Projective capacitive technology enables the displays to sense touch commands
  • System alerts with intuitive icons can help operators identify or even predict problems before they happen

Design flexibility that helps you meet customer needs


Meet the needs of a wide variety of applications with the flexibility of VFX displays. Features include:

  • Six programming languages: Choose from the six standard languages defined by IEC 61131-3
  • Supports both CANopen and J1939 communication protocols
  • Two software-configurable CAN channels
  • Two screen size options: 4.3 in and 7 in
  • Removable bezel provides greater mounting flexibility

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    Download the latest software today.

    Eaton VFX displays are programmed using Pro-FX Control, an open platform software tool based on IEC 61131-3. Featuring a growing library of pre-programmed visual elements, Pro-FX Control simplifies and speeds front-end application development. Visit our software download centre to find and download the latest versions of Pro-FX Control and Pro-FX Control Libraries.

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    Whether you’re designing a new system or retrofitting an existing machine, Eaton’s design and engineering experts and integrator partners are available for consultation and collaboration. We offer system design, analysis, build and project management services.
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