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CrystalWay - Central battery exit sign panel

This innovative, aesthetic range of centrally supplied luminaires complies with the latest regulatory requirements and standards. The pure design, the perfectly homogeneous illumination of the pictogram, the compact housing, combined with flexible mounting options ensure that CrystalWay is perfect for any project.

The range of luminaires can be integrated harmoniously within the architecture of todays buildings,  whether it is a large facility such as an airport or concert hall, or a smaller one such as a sales office or a retail store. The use of LED technology, low power consumption and long-life components significantly reduces the operating and maintenance costs of the installation.

With their eco-design, CrystalWay devices meet the latest environmental standards. All devices are supplied with the accessories and pictograms required for wall or ceiling mounting, with single-sided signage and a range of double-sided signage configurations.


  • Innovative LED light guide technology 
  • High luminance >500 cd/m²
  • Concise design with highly transparent frame
  • Unobtrusive, thin & slim electronic base (Height: only 22mm)
  • Reduced battery costs due to of especially low power consumption
  • 20m and 30m viewing distance
  • Degree of protection IP42
  • Wall or ceiling mounting
  • Reduced battery costs due to of especially low power consumption
  • Includes set of pictograms (arrow right, left, down, up, blind)

Latest news and insights

Solutions for every application

CrystalWay is supplied with all accessories for wall and ceiling-surface mounting, with a set of pictograms. This meets the needs of most mounting situations and pictogram configurations, reducing significantly the complexity of planning, procurement and stock-keeping.

Accessory sets are available for suspended, surface and recessed mounting as well as further pictograms (such as 90° wall mounting), enabling a further diversity of applications and the simple integration of CrystalWay into vastly different installation situations.

Wall-surface mounting
Ceiling-surface mounting
Suspended kit
Recessed mounting with cover
Flag mounting
Recessed mounting (no cover)

Safety with total transparency

Developed to provide a best in class finish for an emergency exit sign that also fully complies with the latest standards and regulations, the CrystalWay range utilises LED Lightguide technology and a highly transparent frame to deliver a flawless finish.

Over 50 years of safe evacuation expertise

Eaton offers a wide range of emergency exit and safety luminaires. Featuring CEWA GUARD & STAR technology available as standard, they offer the basis for minimized inspection and maintenance costs. Innovative lighting technology combined with highly efficient LEDs ensure up to 70% less power consumption and significantly lower maintenance costs with a service life up to 50,000 hours.

Custom-made products tailored to suit the unique requirements of your project

Paint customization

Perfect integration of luminaires into buildings' architecture is always a challenge.

Eaton helps you meet this challenge with a range of painted luminaires housing and accessories available in 3 core colours. Others available on request.

  • Colored emergency lighting luminaires
  • Colored recessed bases
  • Specific integrating or fastening systems

Pictogram customization

The role of exit sign luminaires may not always be showing the escape route. Sometimes, it is necessary to easily identify the location of safety equipment, refuge, assembly point. etc.

Eaton has developed a core range of specific pictograms for several product families to cover most of those signage requirements.

Want to find out more or don't see the pictogram you require? Contact our sales team and they'll be happy to discuss the specifics needs of a project with you.

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