EasiCheck 1.5 - Slave emergency lighting testing system
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EasiCheck 1.5 - Slave emergency lighting testing system

EasiCheck 1.5 Slave is a purpose-designed emergency lighting testing system for central battery AC/AC systems, providing a simple to operate, labour saving alternative to manual testing. Avoiding the need for separate secure manual test keys and the need to manually inspect fittings during and after tests.

It automatically tests the emergency lighting luminaires and central battery system at a user-controlled, convenient, nondisruptive time, then gathers the test results and displays them in a simple to understand manner at a central control panel.

EasiCheck 1.5 has been designed to ensure quick and simple installation, ease of operation and simple system re-configuration. System extensions and changes can easily be incorporated without the need for specialist software or re-programming.


  • Reduces time and cost of testing and maintenance as required by law
  • Testing in compliance with EN50172
  • Easy to use touch screen panel
  • 250 luminaire capacity per panel
  • Stand alone or network up to 63 panels
  • Event logs and test reports can be downloaded or printed
  • Selection of central monitoring software (text or graphic)

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Designed to ensure quick and simple installation, operation & system re-configuration throughout the life of a building

Maintaining emergency lighting systems is a legal requirement, however, manual testing and record-keeping can both be labour intensive and costly. Automatic testing systems offer testing and monitoring of emergency lighting installations at a convenient time and at reduced facility costs.

EasiCheck 1.5 offers simple, yet effective monitoring with the capacity to control of over 15,000 devices (luminaires, ancillaries or static inverter) with up to 250 devices per panel and a full network capability of 63 panels. Constantly monitoring the communication and status of all devices, it provides peace of mind for end-users.

The flexible automatic test schedule also ensures EasiCheck meets local regulations such as BS5266 in the UK. System extensions and changes can be easily be incorporated without the need for specialist software or reprogramming to adapt to the evolving use of a building.


Simple automatic testing of any dedicated emergency or converted mains luminaire

An EasiCheck interface module is fitted into all suitable dedicated emergency luminaires and mains luminaires converted for emergency operation.

  • Each module shall be addressed using a hand held programmer during installation with a unique address number in the range 0-250
  • Every luminaire is connected to a 2 core data BUS cable in a loop configuration, which is linked back to the control panel. A single panel can accommodate up to 250 luminaires
  • It is important to maintain accurate ‘as fitted’ drawings to identify the respective luminaire and its assigned address/location
  • Text information can be allocated to each system component
  • The panel can then be programmed to carry out automatic test sequences according to EN 50172 or any regional testing regime. Testing can also be initiated manually. All test data is sent back and stored at the control panel. Additionally, the system carries out continuous real time monitoring of all connected devices
  • In the event of a fault, the precise location of the device is displayed at the control panel along with accurate details of the nature of the fault, time/date stamp and an alarm is raised
  • The system can be enhanced by networking up to 63 panels. Central PC monitoring can also be incorporated
EasiCheck - Modules
  • ACM1 - Changeover module
  • EasiCheck EC125 SVAEL Addressable Test Interface
  • EasiCheck EC140 Addressable Changeover Module
  • EasiCheck EC141 Addressable Changeover Module

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