GuideLed DX / DXC CG-S - Central battery exit sign with adaptive evacuation
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GuideLed DX / DXC CG-S - Central battery exit sign with adaptive evacuation

GuideLED DX/DXC CG-S is the next generation of central battery emergency exit signs. Able to adapt its status depending on CCTV, fire detection or other inputs it ensures the safest possible evacuation route is communicated to building users. 

Achieved through the ability to display a red "X" to signify a closed or blocked area the range fully conforms with German and European standards including EN 60598-1, DIN EN 60598-2-22, DIN 4844-1 and DIN EN 1838.

The exit sign can be installed on walls or ceilings with suspended and recessed mounting options and viewing distance options of 20 or 30 metres.


  • Escape sign luminaire with LED Lightguide technology 
  • Additional function: Displaying a red ‘X’ to signify an area as closed or blocked
  • Activated by a switching input on the supply module
  • GuideLed DXC: connection to Eaton’s Adaptive Evacuation with use of the EATON AE-CU via integrated bus interface
  • GuideLed DX: activation via a switching input on the supply module e.g. smoke detector or panic switch via potential free contact
  • Without power supply: still visible pictogramm
  • Increased visibility in bright surroundings possible via additional selectable function modes, e.g. flashing red ‘X’
  • Very good perceptibility on account of high luminance of the white contrasting colour > 500 cd/m² in keeping with standard ISO 3864-1 and high uniformity Lmin/Lmax > 0.8
  • Reduced battery costs on account of especially low power consumption
  • Minimum service requirement due to high service life of the LEDs (50 000 hours)
  • Installation of the LED pictogram without tools on the mounting set.

Latest news and insights

From static to adaptive escape route guidance

In a normal state, the GuideLed DXC emergency exit sign luminaire remains open and indicates the fastest exit route out of a building exceeding emergency lighting standards for luminance alongside meeting ISO 3864.

During an occurrence
During an emergency,  the sign will either remain open in the same state or closed with a red "x". The decision is based on a range of information on the nature and location of the hazard to switch between a number of predefined routes to guide people towards the safest available exit in a given scenario.

After an occurrence
Once the exit route is open again, the GuideLed DXC exit sign luminaire shows it. Illustrating the truly adaptable nature of Eaton's technology to modify its instructions in real-time.

Safer evacuation of buildings with superior escape route management

Eaton’s Adaptive Evacuation System enables faster, safer and more agile evacuations. When installed, the system is programmed with a range of potential exit routes. Based on information from CCTV, fire detection and other devices that pinpoint the nature and location of a hazard.

Eaton helps the Junghans Terrassenbau Museum preserve the buildings unique character, layout & materials

Fire protection authorities mandated the installation of adaptive escape routing at the museum to help preserve the buildings unique character, layout and materials.

Exemplary design across the GuideLed range

Exit signs have to be visible in order to provide orientation in case of an emergency. And, they have to be unobtrusively enough to match the architecture. The GuideLed DX features the same consistent, modern design as the rest of the GuideLed range characterized by clear functionality without visible screw connections and unsurpassed flat design.

The versatile types of installation turn the GuideLed DX /DXC into an all-rounder

GuideLed DX crossed lateral - product picture
Wall mounting
GuidLed DX 10011 CG-S
GuideLed DXC 10011 CG-S
GuideLed DX 11011 CG-S
GuideLed DXC 11011 CG-S
GuideLed 10022 DX 20 m
Tube suspension
GuideLed DX 10022 CG-S
GuideLed DXC 10022 CG-S
GuideLed DX 11022 / 11023 CG-S
GuideLed DXC 11022 / 11023 CG-S
GuideLed 10021 DX 20 m
Ceiling mounting
GuidLed DX 10021 CG-S
GuideLed DXC 10021 CG-S
GuideLed DX 11021 CG-S
GuideLed DXC 11021 CG-S
GuideLed 10_ DX 20 m
Recessed installation
GuideLed DX 10024 CG-S
GuideLed DXC 10024 CG-S
GuideLed DX 11024 CG-S
GuideLed DXC 11024 CG-S

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