i-P65 LED CG-S - Central battery IP65 safety & exit sign
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i-P65 LED CG-S - Central battery IP65 safety & exit sign

The i-P65 is a high-performance emergency bulkhead using the latest LED and optic technology to provide an attractive, robust and functional luminaire for indoor and outdoor use.

The range has been designed for ease of installation with a compact attractive appearance and a uniform lighting distribution.

Boasting numerous features and benefits, the i-P65 can be used to provide escape route lighting, single-sided or optional double-sided exit sign with a common look and feel where the mix between aesthetics and robustness is a primary concern.


  • LED safety luminaire with high protection class (IP65) for indoor and outdoor use
  • Robust construction made of polycarbonate with numerous knock-outs for cable entries
  • Low operating cost due to low power consumption
  • Minimum service requirement due to high service life of the LEDs (up to 50,000 hours)
  • Shortened inspection effort due to CEWA GUARD technology
  • Automatic function monitoring of up to 20 luminaires per circuit
  • Reduced installation expenditures by STAR technology
  • Freely programmable mixed operation of the switching modes per luminaire in one circuit

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Versatile multi-functional use

The range can be used for escape route, open area and exit sign applications by adding exit sign pictogram accessories.
Escape route or anti-panic
i-P65 LED Single-sided exit sign luminaire
Single-sided exit sign
Double-sided exit sign

High degree of protection from water, dust and impacts

Named after the ingress protection that guided its development IP65, the i-P65 range also features IK10 impact resistance making it suited for areas with high levels of water, dust and generally areas where robust construction is required.

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Luminaires for safety lighting are also required in damp rooms, as well as outdoor applications. Significantly increasing the demand for housing technology to prevent the ingress of water and dust. With outdoor use, the influence of the UV rays is also a factor.

Inspections according to EN 60529 and DIN EN 60598-1 are carried out for testing the degree of tightness. Typical protection ratings for technical luminaires are IP54 (dust and splash water protection) and IP65 (dust and water jet protection).

Over 50 years of safe evacuation expertise

Eaton offers a wide range of emergency exit and safety luminaires. Featuring CEWA GUARD & STAR technology available as standard, they offer the basis for minimized inspection and maintenance costs. Innovative lighting technology combined with highly efficient LEDs ensure up to 70% less power consumption and significantly lower maintenance costs with a service life up to 50,000 hours.
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