i-P65+ - Central battery IP65 safety luminaire
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i-P65+ - Central battery IP65 safety luminaire

The i-P65+ was developed specifically for requirements in industrial environments. With a combination of high-efficiency LEDs and special optics, it provides optimum performance for a variety of applications. The housing construction features an IP65 protection rating and IK08 impact resistance, making it ideal for ambient conditions in the industrial sector.

The photometric and electronic components including batteries are designed for reliable functionality with continuous ambient temperatures up to 40°C. The luminaires can, therefore, be reliably used in halls where machines or processes cause increased temperatures.

Because of the high light output – also with battery operation – the i-P65+ is also suitable for applications in which more than 1 lx is required e.g. high-risk areas.


  • LED safety luminaire with high ingress protection class (IP65) for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Robust design (IK08) made from aluminium die-cast and impact-resistant polycarbonate
  • With wide-beam symmetrical lens with a near-square light distribution, i-P65+ L variant is suitable for illuminating large areas (Spacing in both direction up to 22 m for E= 1lx and up to 31 m for E = 0.5 lx) and mounting heights up to 18 m
  • With narrow-beam reflector technology, the i-P65+ H variant is especially suitable for exit route lighting with high spacing up to 30 m and mounting heights up to 26 m
  • High lumen output ensures suitability for increased illumination levels such as min 15 lx for high risk task areas or applications with 10.8 lx acc. NFPA 101
  • With provisions for M20 cable entries on enclosure sides ( 3 x lateral and 1 x at each end side) and BESA entry on rear
  • Minimum maintenance effort and increased safety via use of LEDs with high service life (up to 60,000 h)
  • Shortened inspection effort due to CEWA GUARD technology
  • Automatic function monitoring for up to 20 luminaires per circuit
  • Reduced installation cost through STAR Technology
  • Freely programmable mixed operation, allowing the switching of luminaire modes within one circuit

Latest news and insights

Developed specifically for the requirements of industrial environments

Reflector solution for extremely tall, narrow spaces

The reflector solution on the i-P65+ H variant was specifically developed for extreme mounting heights in combination with tight escape routes, e.g. with high bay racking applications, wherein the case of wrong light distribution more light is distributed into the shelving than for safety along the escape routes.

Mounting heights up to 35 m and luminaire spacing up to 24 m are possible reducing the number of luminaires needed leads to reduced installation and operating costs.

iP65+ Large, open spaces lens (down)
iP65+ Tall, thin spaces lens

Lens optic for large open spaces

The lens optic featured on the i-P65+ L variant emits an almost square light distribution over a very large area.

Making it especially suitable for large halls where no fixed escape route can be defined due to changing uses, meaning the complete area must be illuminated.

A maximum spacing of up to 24 m between luminaires reduces the number of required light points. An application range up to 17 m enables mounting at the normally occurring heights.

iP65+ Thin, tall spaces (down)
iP65+ Large, open spaces lens

High degree of protection from water, dust and impacts

Named after the ingress protection that guided its development IP65, the i-P65+ range also features IK08 impact resistance making it suited for areas with high levels of water, dust and generally areas where robust construction is required.

Safely keeping food on plates

The i-P65+ range was created with the food processing industry in mind, meeting the HACCP standards for safety and quality.

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Luminaires for safety lighting are also required in damp rooms, as well as outdoor applications. Significantly increasing the demand for housing technology to prevent the ingress of water and dust. With outdoor use, the influence of the UV rays is also a factor.

Inspections according to EN 60529 and DIN EN 60598-1 are carried out for testing the degree of tightness. Typical protection ratings for technical luminaires are IP54 (dust and splash water protection) and IP65 (dust and water jet protection).

Over 50 years of safe evacuation expertise

Eaton offers a wide range of emergency exit and safety luminaires. Featuring CEWA GUARD & STAR technology available as standard, they offer the basis for minimized inspection and maintenance costs. Innovative lighting technology combined with highly efficient LEDs ensure up to 70% less power consumption and significantly lower maintenance costs with a service life up to 50,000 hours.
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