LED Drivers for central battery luminaires including CG-S monitoring
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LED Drivers for central battery luminaires including CG-S monitoring

LED Supply and Monitoring module for a LED series connection (1-8 LEDs, 350mA, 1-5 LEDs, 500mA, 1-3 LEDs, 700mA, 1-2 LEDs, 1000mA) with integrated monitoring module for single luminaire monitoring (without additional data line) and 20 addresses for function monitoring (CEWA GUARD Technology).

Three types of LED supply- and monitoring modules are available. The SLS types are suitable for typical standard applications. The SLR types are specially designed for installation in flush-mounted switch boxes. The SLI types meet higher requirements such as supply of up to 8 LEDs, wider temperature range and incl. single LED monitoring.

Switching modes (maintained/non-maintained and switched emergency luminaires) are freely programmable in one circuit without an additional data line to the luminaires in conjunction with suitable emergency lighting systems (with STAR-Technology).

Error message in case of: Interruption in the LED series connection or a short circuit at the output terminals. Safe fault identification even if one LED fails due to Single individual monitoring (SLI technology = Single LED monitoring Intelligence). Extended ambient temperature area from -40°C to +50°C.


  • Safe fault identification even if one LED fails (SLI-Technology)
  • Suitable for operation at cold ambient conditions down to -40°C, e.g. in cold storage facilities
  • Low operating costs due to decreased standby losses < 0.5 W
  • Minimized dimensions on the basis of conventional T5 EVG cross section (H x W: 21 x 30 mm) for an eased mounting in narrow luminaires
  • Without protective conductor connection. For the use in luminaires with insulation class I or II
  • Variable mounting possibilities for different mounting positions (horizontal or sidewise upright)
  • Avoidance of installation failures due to a mains connection being protected against polarity reversal
  • Shortened inspection effort due to the CEWA GUARD- and STAR+-Technology: Automatic function monitoring of up to 20 luminaires per circuit
  • Reduced installation costs due to STAR-Technology: Freely programmable mixed operation of the switching modes per luminaire in one circuit
  • Reduced installation expenditures as no additional data line to the luminaires is needed

Latest news and insights

Increased safety through intelligent individual LED monitoring (only SLI-modules)

Safe fault identification even if only one LED fails

The new SLI technology (Single LED monitoring Intelligence) enables a safe error message even if a single LED fails. Up to 8 LEDs in series connection can thus be individually monitored.

Combined with an automatic function test, this signals a reduced luminaire luminous flux emission due to a defective LED and necessary repair work can be initiated immediately by the operating personnel.

Maintaining building security by complying with the required lighting parameters for safety lighting is significantly improved by this procedure.


Control in cold and extreme temperatures (only SLI-modules)

The LED drivers range is suitable for operation in cold ambient conditions down to -40°C such as cold storage facilities. 

In addition, the new SLI LED power supply modules can be used under extreme temperature conditions in the range of - 40° C to + 50° C. The  possible applications of these new power supply modules thus cover a huge applications.

ENEC - certified by an independent test centre

The ENEC symbol (European Norms Electrical Certification) is a European examination symbol created by CENELEC (European Committee for Electrical Standardisation) which confirms that the device on which this symbol is fixed to automatically complies with all requirements of the European testing laboratory.

All Eaton modules must be subjected to these stringent tests and are then allowed to display this symbol.


Intelligent modules ensure greater safety

With Eaton monitoring modules, electronic ballasts or LED supply modules, luminaires for general lighting systems from any manufacturer can be connected to central battery systems and thus integrated into the building emergency lighting concept.

The modules matched to the requirements of central battery systems installations make it possible to monitor and control up to 20 luminaires in only one circuit.

Using the ballasts, luminaires on one circuit can be operated in different switching modes such as maintained light, non-maintained light or switched maintained light. Here in the case of the N-EVGs (electronic ballasts), the emergency lighting level of each lamp can be individually set for battery operation from 30 to 100 % of the nominal luminous flux.

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