LP-STAR - Compact low power emergency lighting power supply
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LP-STAR - Compact low power emergency lighting power supply

Compliant with EN 50171 and LP-STAR provides up to 540 W of power from a 24 V battery, are designed for distributed power supply to CEAG emergency exit and safety luminaires with STAR technology.

The LP-STAR System supplies reliable power to the escape luminaires and exit sign luminaires (230V AC/220 V DC) according to EN 50171 and BGV A3.

It is suitable for emergency lighting systems according to DIN VDE 0100-718, DIN EN 50172 and E DIN VDE 0108-100.


  • No special requirements concerning the housing on functionality in case of installation in separate fire areas
  • Cost savings as E30 wiring is not required because devices are installed in separate fire areas
  • Natural ventilation is generally sufficient due to the closed form and low capacity of batteries
  • Additional safety even in case of fire due to the decentralised arrangement of systems
  • Simple operation and commissioning based on a smart programming and operating plan
  • 230V AC / 220V DC supply voltage selectable to power the escape luminaires and exit sign luminaires to comply with architectural issues
  • Standard integrated phase monitor for monitoring general power supply conditions
  • Additional phase monitor input including line monitoring for an external phase monitor
  • Standard eight digital 230 V input channels for switching each luminaire separately, for example, freely programmable
  • Optional webmodule for the automatic monitoring of LP-STAR according to EN 62034
  • Optional CG-S interface for connecting to the CG-S bus for CGVision or master/slave operation for connecting several LP-STAR devices
  • Shorter inspection time using the CEWA GUARD technology, automatic function monitoring of up to 20 luminaires per circuit
  • Reduced installation costs due to the STAR technology, freely programmable mixed operation of switching modes per luminaire in a single circuit without an additional data cable
  • Automatic luminaire search function
  • Plain text display at the control module for all luminaires
  • Flexible data memory for the test log and device configuration using the Secure Digital card
  • Absence of retroactive effect of different circuits in case of a short-circuit due to the automatic, selective shut-off function
  • EoL shut-off, programmable as standard

Latest news and insights

Simple installation and reliable power supply

LP-STAR is especially recommended in case of the separate supply of emergency lighting systems of individual fire areas to save on installation costs incurred by installing E30 cabling to cover different fire areas. The LP-STAR System supplies reliable power to the escape luminaires and exit sign luminaires (230V AC/220 V DC) according to EN 50171. It is suitable for emergency lighting systems according to DIN VDE 0100-560, EN 50172 and V DIN V VDE 0108-100.

Switch to safety with STAR technology

The continuing development of the CEWA GUARD monitoring system led to the creation of the Switching Technology Advanced Revision or STAR for short. This CG-STAR-technology allows different switching modes to be implemented in one and the same circuit, and the switching mode of each individual luminaire can be re-programmed at any time.

As a result, this technology offers not just the proven CEWA GUARD safety when it comes to operating a safety lighting system, it also gives planners the confidence and flexibility of knowing that the system can respond and adapt at any time to any changes that are made to a building and its use.

Example connection to the central visualisation system CGVision across multiple buildings



1. Grid connection terminal
Three-phase feed-in including phase monitoring function

2. Connection for end circuits
Double assignment, 2.5mm² solid/flexible

3. Connection for disable switch
Control loop for disabling the system during operating downtimes with differential loop monitoring for short circuit and wire breakage detection.

4. 24V connection for external phase monitors
Power loop for the emergency luminaires with differential loop monitoring for short circuit and wire breakage detection.

5. Connection for potential free indicator contacts and buzzer
Four relays with a separate root, each 1x changeover contact, 24V 0.5A.

6. Connection for digital inputs
Eight freely assignable inputs 230V, programmable as inverted and non-inverted for example turn on emergency lighting as corridor lighting.

7. Optional interface (factory installed)
The interface for connecting to a CGVision can be installed on-site.

8. Webmodule connection

9. Battery connection wires 1-4

Freely programmable control module

  1. Separate buttons for:
    Test (emergency luminaire function)
    Function test
    Duration test
  2. Three freely assignable function keys
  3. Graphical display
  4. Logbook and device configuration
    Save the log book and device configuration comfortably on the memory card. Easily programmable on the PC using an SD card reader and including software.
  5. Seven control buttons for a user-friendly navigation
  6. Function display using LEDs

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