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Emergency lighting
CGVision - Supervision & central visualization system
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CGVision - Supervision & central visualization system

The high performance CGVision visualization software controls and monitors even large-scale safety lighting systems with maximum reliability. It can be associated with the CGLine+ Web-Controller in order to create the largest configuration level of the CGLine+ system. In this set-up, up to 32 CGLine+ Web-Controllers can be visualised at once.

Using CGVision both CGLine+ luminaire systems and other emergency lighting systems (for example ZB-S, LP-STAR, AT-S+) can be monitored with a single software.

CGVision takes over all the control and test functions, it generates a comprehensive electronic log book for all connected systems and does so completely automatically. Thanks to this solution, there is no difficulty in extending an existing system.

Eaton's emergency safety lighting controlling and monitoring software CGVision on a PC
Powerful visualization software
Up to 25.600 CGLine+ luminaires
More safety
For initiating tests, displaying results and storing them
More convenience
Easy visualisation of the status of all luminaires


  • Detailed system information is available at every time
  • Simple menu guidance
  • Up to 480 emergency lighting devices are monitor- and programmable, a segmentation in up to 15 groups of devices is possible (one device group per device family)
  • Up to 32 pcs. CGLine+ Web-Controller with up to 25,600 CGLine+ luminaires are monitored and programmable
  • Free input of texts and additional information at each level (up to 100 signs) and cognition of destination for luminaires (up to 20 signs)
  • Inquiry of the current working conditions of all mounted systems
  • Constant display of the 5 latest events in an alarm list
  • Clearly-presented display in explore structure (tree structure) possible
  • Storage and retrieval possibility of all log book entries over a period of 4 years at least
  • Free programmable function- and duration test
  • Configurable automatic print functions
  • Integrated e-mail client program with status information for each device group
  • Up to 10 e-mail recipients each device group configuring
  • Connection of a building management system (BMS) via integrated OPC-server possible
CGVision with the CGLine+ Web-Controller

Full compatibility with the CGLine+ Web-Controller

Access of any PC via the web server of the CGLine+ Web-Controller can also be carried out if it is connected to CGVision. Thus for example, large, multi-building facilities can be configured and monitored centrally using CGVision. Additionally service technicians can have an overview of areas of interest to them using the Web-Controller.

Easy visualization of the luminaires

In order to keep an eye on a large amount of equipment, for example at a large plant or an airport, the state of the individual emergency lighting systems can be presented on an aerial photo or a site plan. The building layout helps visualise individual luminaires.

Simply the most flexible, reliable monitoring for peace of mind

CGVision system can be easily associated with the CGLine+ Web-Controller in order to created the largest configuration level of the CGLine+ system.

CGVision visualization software is available in three different packages in the Basic or Pro versions

  Basic Package I Basic Package II Basic Package III Pro Package I Pro Package II Pro Package III
CG-S/IP interface x     x    
EGA licences x x x x x x
CGLine 400 licences x x x x x x
CGLine+ licences x x x x x x
Ethernet I/O licences x x x x x x
CG-S/USB interfacebox     x     x
Graphic visualisation of the devices       x x x
Visualisation in a building layout       x x x
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