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BeamTech - Self-contained beam light

Eaton's BeamTech, high intensity single, double or quadruple light sources, provide efficient illumination of long, narrow escape routes. It can also provide general wide coverage of a specific area when positioned at any degree specified to each other, in locations where higher illumination is required.

Designed as an aesthetic alternative to traditional solutions, the battery and configurable light heads are contained in the same unit making it a good choice for public areas. Equally, its IP65 ingress protection and IK07 impact resistance make it perfect for even the harshest of industrial environments. 

This range of beam light self-contained luminaires is composed of 1h, 2h and 3h versions, from 250 to 2000lm light output. The LEDs within the BeamTech alongside the automatic testing and monitoring devices (using CGLine+ versions) significantly reduces the operating and maintenance costs of the installation.


  • Variants of 250lm, 500lm and 1000lm light output
  • Each light head can reach up to 500lm maximum
  • 12 dedicated LEDs in each light head
  • E-focus programming: narrow and wide light distribution, programmed by the user
  • 3h duration
  • Suitable for use in large areas
  • Wall, ceiling mounting and recessed via accessory
  • Locking mechanism of light head(s) preventing accidental change of light head(s) configuration
  • Degree of protection IP65 and IK07
  • CGLine+ technology

Choose the right version for your application

  • Small Power Supply Unit
  • 1 light head from 250 to 500lm light output
  • Small Power Supply Unit
  • 2 light heads from 500 to 1000lm light out

Latest news and insights

Patented E-focus technology

BeamTech is designed to be used for Escape Route or Open area illumination within the same device. Providing the user/installer with the ability to define the light distribution which fits the application. 

Additionally, the user can direct the light output to test the product light direction via a test button and install the light heads to best suit the application.

E-focus programming allows you to select what illumination you need for the application. Both wide area anti-panic lighting and narrow focused illumination is possible from the same fitting. Simply select wide or narrow focus via the test point button.

Narrow light distribution enables installations and ideal for large, escape routes and illumination of safety equipment.

A maximum spacing of up to 36.5m (depending on the variant and product line) between luminaires reduces the number of required light points and an application range from 5m up to 25m for 1Lux enables mounting at the normally occurring heights.

Wide light distribution enables higher height installations and ideal for large and high areas where no fixed escape route is defined, meaning that the complete area must be illuminated.

A maximum spacing of up to 23.1m (depending on the variant and product line) between luminaires reduces the number of required light points and an application range from 2.5m up to 15m for 1Lux enables mounting at the normally occurring heights.

All angles covered with fully adjustable lamp heads

The LED lamp head(s) of the BeamTech can be easily directed on specific degrees of inclination from 0° to 90° and rotated up to 360° for ultimate flexibility during installation and lighting design.

Meets the demands of lighting safety equipment

BeamTech range meets requirements of EN 1838:1 for an illuminance of 5lx for safety equipment like first aid stations, fire fighting equipment and any alarm devices.

Simply the most flexible, reliable monitoring for peace of mind

The BeamTech luminaires can be reliably and efficiently monitored thanks to CGLine+ technology.
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