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Britesign 2 - Self-contained exit sign

Using the latest in LED technology Britesign 2 has been remodelled to suit most prestigious installations and commercial interiors. It has a low profile of 40mm and the stepped bezel creates an even slimmer appearance which makes this exit sign blend unobtrusively into almost any environment.

The picture frame style die cast aluminium bezel is available in 33m viewing distance and in satin anodised finish as well as the ever popular white. The 50,000 hour long life LED source provides an excellent uniform illumination of the legend comfortably meeting the requirements of EN1838.

The use of LEDs, automatic testing and monitoring devices (CGLine+) significantly reduce the operating and maintenance costs of the installation.

Britesign 2 low profile exit sign luminaire
Unobstrusive design
Low profile with only 40mm depth
Robust design
Steel housing and die cast aluminium bezel
Latest technology
Automatic testing and monitoring with CGLine+


  • 33m viewing distance
  • Long life LED source
  • 3h duration
  • CGLine+ technology
  • Wall mounting
  • Bezel assembly screwed securely to base
  • EN1838 compliant legend panel

33m viewing distance

Britesign 2 provides the ability to use fewer products and less power consumption per coverage area of an application.

Simply the most flexible, reliable monitoring for peace of mind

The Britesign 2 luminaires can be reliably and efficiently monitored thanks to CGLine+ technology.
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