CGLine+ - Self-contained testing & monitoring system
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CGLine+ - Self-contained testing & monitoring system

The CGLine+ is a controlling and monitoring system for emergency safety lights and exit signs that provides automatic function and duration tests recorded in a logbook - ensuring compliance for building managers without the hassle and cost of manually testing each luminaire.

An integrated web server enables the convenient control or monitoring of all connected CGLine+ luminaires from any workplace PC on the intranet with a standard web browser and without special software.

Advanced control features, such as block, rest and switch-off modes, have a positive impact on the luminaire’s lifespan, the daily management and the power consumption of the installation. In addition, Increased Affordance and Adaptive Evacuation features enable safer evacuation routes for building users. 

A full range of CGLine+ controllers are available depending on the size of the emergency lighting installation all ensuring maximum safety, improved maintenance and reduced operating costs.

Choose the best technology to meet the requirements of your building

Legislation demands that emergency lighting systems are regularly tested and maintained in full working order. To avoid the cost and disruption of manual testing, automatic test systems should be considered. Eaton offers alternative solutions, each optimised for different building types:


  • Management of Adaptive Evacuation and Increased Affordance functionalities
  • 4 lines of maximum 200 luminaires or 2 lines of maximum 400 luminaires
  • 2 lines of maximum 80 luminaires (Web Compact Controller)
  • 2 optional screen possibilities: 3.5" and 10"
  • Automatic luminaire search function requiring no manual addressing
  • Simple sorting using unrestricted short address assignment
  • Unrestricted entry of target location names for the luminaires with up to 20 characters
  • Clearly-shown allocation of luminaires to up to 8 zones per line
  • Customisable time/date setting for all the tests
  • Up to 8 test groups per luminaire can be defined for the Function Test (FT) and Duration Test (DT)
  • Electronic logbook storage for a minimum of 4 years
  • Blocking the emergency lighting function during non-operational periods (all / per bus line/ per zone / per luminaire)
  • Luminaires in maintained mode switchable (all / per bus line / per zone / per luminaire)
  • Password-protected access as an administrator or user
  • Visualization of luminaires in up to 30 different building layouts
  • Efficient and convenient analysis of the logbook using the CGLine+ PC software

Latest news and insights

Web Compact Controller: Built-in keypad and LCD screen in a single housing dedicated to small Emergency Lighting installations

The CGline+ Web Compact Controller is dedicated to optimize the monitoring and the maintenance of small and medium Emergency Lighting installations. It can visualise and remote a total of 160 CGLine+ luminaires: 2 lines of 80 luminaires each.

Visualisation, control and monitoring of all connected CGLine+ luminaires is possible via the integrated web server and the local HMI. It simplifies commissioning and maintenance operations.

CGLine+ Compact Web Controller front and side
CGLine+ Web Compact Controller

Web-Controller: Monitor up to 800 luminaires

CGLine+ Web-Controller can visualise a total of 800 CGLine+ luminaires: 4 lines of maximum 200 luminaires each or 2 lines of 400 luminaires each.

An integrated web server is available for convenient visualisation, control and monitoring of all connected CGLine+ luminaires.

CGLine+ Web Controller for DIN rails
CGLine+ Web-Controller for DIN rail installation
CGLine+ Web Controller wall mounting box
CGLine+ Web-Controller connection box for wall-mounted installation

Touchscreen Controller: Web-Controller and 10-inch touchscreen in a single housing for large Emergency Lighting installations

The Touchscreen Controller offers the power of the Web-Controller in an intuitive, easy to use touchscreen interface with three packages available depending on the site.
CGLine+ Web Touchscreen Controller is compatible with central CGVision software and allows full configuration and visualisation of the integrated CGLine+ Web-Controller and up-to 32 external Web-Controllers via ethernet.
CGLine+ CGVision Touchscreen S/Controller allows full configuration and visualisation of a single CGLine+ system.
CGLine+ CGVision Touchscreen G/Controller allows full configuration and visualisation of the integrated CGLine+ Web-Controller and up-to 9 external Web-Controllers via ethernet.

Ease of visualisation

CGLine+ Web-based visualisation: Fully centralised monitoring of up to 10 CGLine+ Web-Controllers and Web Touchscreen Controllers.
CGVision Touchscreen software: Sum status display of up to 10 CGLine+ Web-Controllers and all luminaires (operation, battery operation, sum failure).

Improving the safety of escape routes

Adaptive signage enables building owners to direct people out of the building in the safest way as and when the nature of the threat changes. The danger posed by fires, acts of terrorism and natural disasters will change as the event unfolds; Eaton's Adaptive Evacuation signage allows building occupants to be redirected to the safest exit route available.

Improving the recognition of exit signs

Increased Affordance function is designed to improve people's recognition of escape routes during an emergency situation. It enables illuminated exit signs to flash or pulse, which makes them more visible and could therefore speed up the process of evacuation.
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