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Order code Description
O-ESC-3H Velos PSU 3h
O-ESM-AT-3H Velos PSU 3h Autotest
O-ESC-3H-CGL Velos PSU 3h CGLine+


Order code Description
O-ESP-I2R Velos 30m Pictogram Lateral to Room, ISO
O-ESP-I2W Velos 30m Pictogram Lateral to Wall, ISO
O-ESP-ID Velos 30m Pictogram Down/Blank, ISO
O-ESP-IDD Velos 30m Pictogram Down/Down, ISO
O-ESP-ILR Velos 30m Pictogram Left/Right, ISO
O-ESP-IU Velos 30m Pictogram Up/Blank, ISO
O-ESP-IUU Velos 30m Pictogram Up/Up, ISO
O-ESP-WIDD Velos 30m Pictogram Wheel Down/Down, ISO
O-ESP-WILR Velos 30m Pictogram Wheel Left/Right, ISO
O-ESP-FHD Velos 30m Fire Hose Down
O-ESP-FH-EXT Velos 30m Fire Hose & Extinguisher
O-ESP-H Velos 30m Pictogram Hydrant red
O-ESP40-IDD Velos 40m Pictogram Down/Down, ISO
O-ESP40-ILR Velos 40m Pictogram Left/Right, ISO
O-ESP40-WIDD Velos 40m Pictogram Wheel Down/Down, ISO
O-ESP40-WILR Velos 40m Pictogram Wheel Left/Right, ISO


Order code Description
O-ESA-BMB Velos Back Mounting Base
O-ESA-FLEX Velos Wall Flexi Joint
O-ESA-LMB Velos Lateral Mounting Base
O-ESA-PS30 Velos Pipe Suspension 48cm (ISO30061)
O-ESA-RB Velos Recessed Base
O-ESA-RSA Velos Rope Suspension adjustable
O-ESA-RSA-5M Velos Rope Suspension adjustable 5m


Mounting method: Wall / Ceiling mounting | Surface / Recessed mounting | Pendant | Supporting bracket
Light source: LED not exchangeable
Housing Material: Polycarbonate
Housing Color: White
Rated supply voltage, Frequency: 230 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Protection class: II
Degree of protection (IP): IP20
Duration: 3h
Luminous flux at emergency operation: N/A
Viewing distance: 30m | 40m
Degree of impact resistance (IK): IK03
Operation: Maintained (M)
Testing system: No testing system | Auto-Test | CGLine +
Luminaire type: Exit sign luminaire
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