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VIA8 - Self-contained exit sign

VIA family of emergency lighting is designed to provide a fast installation and is equipped with technical solutions that make it suitable for a wide range of applications, offering a frameless modern design of legend panel with a maximum viewing distance of 24m.

Together with the choice of ISO and EURO exit sign labels, comfortably meeting the requirements of EN1838, the VIA range is appropriate for emergency lighting requirements in multiple of places such as offices, restaurants, hotels, hospitals and general commercial applications.

This range of LED stand-alone self-contained luminaires is designed for maintained mode operation with 2h and 3h duration versions.


  • 24m viewing distance
  • 3h duration
  • 50.000 hours LED source for minimum maintenance
  • Suitable for ceiling mounting
  • Luminaire and legend supplied as one unit
  • Easy to install

Latest news and insights

Modern contemporary styling

High-quality materials such as the lightweight injection moulded plastics combine with the frameless design to create a clean, distinctive pendant emergency exit sign.

Range of pictograms for different applications

The VIA8 range includes pictograms to suit multiple applications. Choose between pictograms for ISO, stairs, hydrant or exit.
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