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Zeta 4 - Self-contained safety & exit sign

Continuing the success of the Zetalite family of products is the improved and upgraded Zeta 4. The aesthetics have been enhanced to create a more modern and discreet appearance which is suitable for most applications. This range of anti-panic and escape route luminaires can also by used as an exit-sign by purchasing optional sets of adhesive pictograms.

The housings are available with an IP65 rating making Zeta 4 luminaires suitable for indoor or more industrial uses. A wide range of accessories (recessed box, recessed base, double-sided diffuser and wire guard) will provide more flexibility and ease of integration within the building.

This range of LED stand-alone self-contained luminaires is composed of 20m and 30m viewing distance variants with 150lm light output.


  • 20 and 30m viewing distance
  • 150lm light ouput
  • 3h duration
  • BESA box entry on base
  • Degree of protection IP65
  • Surface or recessed installation
  • Same look and feel across the building

Latest news and insights

One product, several applications

Zeta 4 is a flexible range offering safety, escape route lighting or exit signs 20m and 30m viewing distance with several mounting options and a high degree of protection.

Achieve a modern, consistent look and feel across a building

Due to its flexible nature, Zeta 4 can be used throughout an installation in its various forms creating a consistent finish across a building.

Flexible range of emergency exit sign options

Wall single-sided 20m viewing distance
Wall single-sided 30m viewing distance
Ceiling double-sided cone diffuser

Accessories adapted to installation needs

For a seamless integration into a building

Choose between Eaton's recessed base or box for perfect integration of Zeta 4 in buildings.

Protection against impacts in busy areas

Make the Zeta 4 even more protected from direct impact threats with the wire guard.

Ease of mounting a Zeta 4 luminaire with recessed base

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