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xChargeIn DC 66

Eaton xChargeIn DC 66 is a compact 66 kW DC charger with high efficiency and optimized power per square meter.

xChargeIn DC 66
The most compact DC charger on the market
Over 96 % efficiency
Suited for all types of vehicles

DC charging for everyone

xChargeIn DC 66 enables safe identification and secure payment through RFID, third-party mobile applications or the Eaton Scan & Pay intelligent software. The DC charging station is easy-to-use with a 10-inch” color touchscreen display.

Fast charging speed and high efficiency

xChargeIn DC 66 allows a full 66 kW charge power delivery by overcoming the limitations in vehicle on-board charger power rating which dramatically reduces charging speed for most electric vehicles when connected to an AC charger. A charger efficiency of over 96 % and low standby consumption reduces overall operating costs.

Quiet DC charging experience suited to all types of vehicles

xChargeIn DC 66 is available with either CSS or CSS and CHAdeMO plugs. The DC charging station has been designed so that users barely hear it when charging, which makes it particularly suited to indoor applications.

Future-proof charging station

xChargeIn DC 66 has been developed to include the technology enabling Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) functionalities.
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