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xEffect SASY 60i

SASY 60i – safety and reliability in a single product. SASY 60i is a comprehensive UL-certified solution for switching, controlling, protecting and distributing power that is designed for use with our motor-protective circuit breakers and NZM moulded-case circuit breakers.

The SASY 60i modular busbar system has been specifically designed for efficient power distribution in control panels. Thanks to its innovative busbar adaptor, the feeders and outgoing circuit breakers can be quickly and easily mounted directly on the busbar system in a space-saving manner.

In addition, the SASY 60i system's double-T busbars reduce the amount of work required for preparing contact points. They also combine an extremely high rated peak withstand current with a small number of busbar supports, meaning they take full advantage of every inch of control cabinet space available.

Designed for
global use
rated current
up to 1600 A
adapter technology

Core features

  • Innovative adaptors for easy connection to motor-protective and standard circuit breakers, directly on the busbars, without the need to drill any holes
  • Modular system shrouds for maximum protection against direct contact
  • Can be mounted on busbars of varying thickness and cross-section
  • Easy connection at the rear ensures safe contact-making and reduces the time and cost of installation
  • Compatible with other components thanks to the use of the standard 60 mm distance between busbar centres
  • Integrated into our xEnergy power distributions boards

Safety is always our first priority

Safety for people and systems is the most important factor in all our product developments. In the case of SASY 60i, this is ensured by means of the safe and easy connection of the circuit breakers to the busbar adapters at the rear, which also significantly reduces the time required for installation. The modular system covers guarantee optimized shock protection all around and thus offer maximum safety.

Optimised busbar profile

SASY 60i offers many advantages. For example, it uses double-T profile bars, thereby reducing the time and effort needed to prepare the contact points. The profile requires only few busbar supports despite the very high rated peak withstand current (Ipk) and thus optimally utilizes the limited space inside the cabinet. In addition, dissipated heat is conducted in the best possible manner thanks to the large surface area of the busbar profile.

The future starts now - NZM circuit breaker - compact, reliable, innovative

If used in combination with the SASY 60i busbar system, Eaton's NZM series of circuit breakers covers rated currents from 20 to 630 A – with only three frame sizes. They are also optimally matched to each other and meet the demands of a wide range of applications. We took a close look at what customers really want and designed the product accordingly. What stands out, for example, is the comprehensive portfolio of accessories, which can be individually assembled and easily installed in line with specific application requirements. The same goes for the innovative SASY 60i adapters up to 630 A, which offer increased safety for operators. The NZM circuit breakers up to 630 A are tested and verified in combination with the SASY 60i MCCB adapters with a short-circuit breaking capacity of up to 50 kA.

Short installation time thanks to pre-assembly

Eaton offers direct and reversing starters up to 15 kW, fully mounted on busbar adapters. These fully assembled units consist of one PKZM0 motor protector and one or two DILM contactor(s). To mount these, they only need to be clicked in place on the busbar, which guarantees reduced assembly times and costs. Eaton also offers you the option to configure MSC motor starter combinations in line with your requirements.

A busbar system designed for global use

The SASY 60i busbar system and the associated components are designed for control cabinets in the machine-building sector and can be used worldwide. The design even takes into account the greater clearance and creepage distance requirements in the U.S. pursuant to UL 508A.

The SASY 60i busbar system ensures maximum efficiency inside the control panel.

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