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xStorage Compact

Eaton xStorage Compact enables building owners and facility managers to solve power management challenges for small and medium-sized commercial and industrial sites. The system is an all-in-one single rack energy storage system with a small footprint. This helps customers to increase local renewable energy consumption and integrate the infrastructure for on-site electric vehicle charging while supporting a wide range of applications such as back-up power, peak shaving, load shifting and frequency regulation.

Inverter power rating
From 10 kW to 200 kW
Storage capacity
From 21 kWh to 750 kWh
Modular and scalable

A multifunctional system

xStorage Compact is a multi-usage battery energy storage system that enables customers to maximise solar self-consumption and avoid capacity issues related to the integration of on-site electric vehicle charging stations. Building owners and facility managers can also use the system for additional needs and use cases such as back-up power, peak shaving and load shifting. The system can be used to participate in frequency regulation and thereby contribute to grid stability.

Enabling a wide range of applications

One of the most reliable energy storage systems on the market

Safety is our number one priority and xStorage Compact has been developed and tested to meet the highest electrical safety standards. The system successfully received third-party grid compliance certification at European and national levels. Eaton is a global power management company with a 100-year history. Our products are based on technology from the demanding power quality market where Eaton is a market leader. Eaton works with lithium-ion battery technology from Nissan, the world’s leading electric vehicle manufacturer by volume.

Scalability and modularity

Eaton xStorage Compact is modular and scalable to adapt to changing power capacity needs, from growing local solar production to an increased number of on-site EV chargers.

Simple installation process

xStorage Compact is an all-in-one single rack energy storage system with a small footprint that is suitable for both commercial and industrial buildings. The system is easy to put in place, connect and commission.

User-friendly system

An easy-to-use system with a control platform that includes a user-friendly interface and flexible expansion options.

Circular economy

xStorage Compact is also available with Nissan LEAF batteries that were previously used in cars, which still have plenty of capacity for your energy needs. This way, the batteries get a second life before being recycled.

One single point of contact

With over 100 years of experience and tested and proven power management technology leadership, we provide you with end-to-end project management capabilities, services and maintenance options supported by field engineers and teams across the region.
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