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xStorage Home can be used for multiple applications.

Maximize solar energy consumption

During the day when the sun is shining, xStorage Home powers the load directly with renewable energy thereby lowering homeowners energy costs. It can also charge the battery with renewable energy if homeowners are not at home for use later in the evening when they’re back home.

In the evening, it is peak time as everybody is back at home and needs power. xStorage Home uses the energy stored in the battery to power the load. If the energy demand is very high, it can also release it to the grid to support the needs of other households.

In a nutshell, here is what happens in a day:

Lower electricity bills

xStorage Home can be specifically useful when the maximum power consumption of the household is limited by the energy provider, for example through a utility contract.

Any consumption above the contracted maximum peak power consumption will be penalized and the homeowner will be charged accordingly.

With the xStorage Home peak-shaving mode, these additional energy costs can be avoided, since the excess energy consumption will be covered automatically by the xStorage Home system, charged either from the solar panels during the day or from the grid during times of low energy demand.