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Panzym XXL

Panzym XXL enzyme is a pectolytic, liquid enzyme preparation, produced through submerged fermentation of an aspergillus species. It is particularly suitable for the depectinization of apple and pear juice.

Applied to fruit juices, Panzym XXL enzyme achieves excellent alcohol test performance and complete removal of araban. The resulting juice is easy to filter and satisfies all relevant juice quality standards.

Pectinase for depectinization with low galacturonic acid and complete removal of arabanes of fruit and vegetable juices
Suitable for
Apple juice, pear juice, vegetable juice
Liquid; max. 20-40 ml/t

Core features

  • Thermally stable product
    • Little effect from fluctuations in temperature
  •  Juice is easier to filter
    • Reduced production costs
  • Less galacturonic acid formation
    •  Better blending capabilities
  • Complete removal of arabans
    • Improved production process
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