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Panzym YieldMASH XXL

Panzym YieldMASH XXL enzyme is a pectolytic enzyme preparation standardized on pectin methylesterase. The product is a combination of surface and submerged fermentation from aspergillus species.

Pectinase for mash enzymation for a with pH-value and broad processing temperature application
Suitable for
Pomaceous fruit mashes
Liquid; max. 50-120 g/t

Core features

  • Fast and efficient pectin degradation
  • Significant increase in press capacity; higher capacity for horizontal presses, belt presses, or decanters
  • Wide activity range at low pH-level even as low as pH ≤ 3.0
  • Broad temperature activity between < 59 °F (15 °C) up to 122 – 131 °F (50 – 55 °C)
  • Broad activity range even at high polyphenol concentration
  • Better filterability
  • No over-maceration
  • Pomace is suitable for pectin extraction
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