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SIHAZYM Fine enzyme is a pectolytic enzyme compound with secondary ß-glucanase activity which enables increased wine filtration. Beside botrytis cinerea, further microorganisms present on the grapes, are able to form fibrillous substances that can lead to problems during must clarification and young wine filtration and can be solved by SIHAZYM Fine enzyme. It is also used for the extraction of mannoproteins during storage of young wines on yeast.

Pectinase with ß-Glucanase activity for degradation of glucan in wines for an increase filterability
Suitable for
Wine, fruit wine
Granulate; max. 3-8 g/hl

Core features

  • Increased filtration capacity  
    • lower production costs
  • Release of mannoproteins
  • Increased mouthfeel of wines
  • Increased complexity
  • Suitable for "sur lie" storage; batonnage development
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