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SIHAZYM Uni enzyme is a high pectolytic enzyme compound suitable for must clarification and for extraction of grape mash. Using SIHAZYM Uni enzyme for clarifying must leads to rapid depectinization and therefore effective clarification. When used at mash stage the defined secondary activities of SIHAZYM Uni enzyme ensures increased extraction of colorants, grape aroma and tannin components.

Pectinase for extraction and clarification of grape mashes for a fast reduction of viscosity
Suitable for
Grape mashes, grape juice
Granulate; max. 1-5 g/hl

Core features

  • Rapid and effective depectinization of grape must
  • Rapid release of grape ingredients
  • Reduction of mash viscosity
  • Increased colorant, aroma compound and polysaccharide release
  • Higher quantity of free run must
  • Free of cinnamylesterase activity
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