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SIHAZYM A Granulated

SIHAZYM A Granulated enzyme is a granulated enzyme compound produced from a selected aspergillus niger strain through submerged fermentation. It is a highly concentrated, cleaned, mixed compound containing pectinases, and beta glucosidases that has been specially selected for promoting the typical bouquet and flavor of young white and rosé wines by releasing grape aroma substances (terpenes). The pectinase activities of SIHAZYM A Granulated enzyme improve the clarification and filterability of young wines.

Pectinase with ß-Glucosidase side activity for aroma liberation during wine production process
Suitable for
Wine, fruit wine
Granulate; max. 2-10 g/hl

Core features

  • Increase of ß-glucosidase aroma in white wine varieties
  • Release of monoterpenes in young wines
  • Inactivation of enzyme activity by bentonite fining
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