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SIHAZYM Wine-Clear

SIHAZYM Wine Clear enzyme is a pectolytic wine enzyme with ß-1,3-1,6-glucanase activity which helps to improve the natural clarification of wine after alcoholic fermentation and to achieve gentle wine filtration. This enzyme can be used in the must-mash stage and throughout the entire alcoholic fermentation process. Its pectolytic activity aids decomposition of the pectins in white wine mashes and in must preclarification and degrades ß-glucans in grapes affected by botrytis.

Pectinase with Pectolytic and ß-Glucanase activity
Suitable for
Grape mashes
Granulate; max. 3-7 g/hl

Core features

  • Use in grape mash
  • Increased yield and dry marc
  • Improved must preclarification
  • Degradation of ß-glucans in grapes affected by botrytis
  • Improved wine clarification and aided natural clarification of wine
  • Improved clarification and fine filtration
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