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BECOCEL filter cellulose is a highly pure cellulose fiber material in graduated fiber lengths and finely fibrillated. Its fiber structure forms a loose but reinforced filter cake having an enhanced contaminant holding capacity. BECOCEL filter cellulose can be used as the only filter aid, or can be added to other filter aids.

BECOCEL 250 is a fibrillated filter cellulose with grained fiber structure for the stabilization of the filter cake in the DE-filtration and for the protection of the support screens. 

Filter Material
Highly pure cellulose fiber material
Pre-Coat Filtration
Filtration Grade

Core features

  • Ultrafine particles of inorganic aids are retained
  • Due to the reinforcing effect of BECOCEL filter cellulose fibers, the formation of “cracks“and “pittings“ in the filter cake are avoided
  • Pressure surges are compensated
  • Throughput and filtration cycles are increased
  • Shorter cleaning cycles of filter equipment
  • Optimum filtrate clarity
  • Small damaged patches in the filter cake supporting media are bridged
  • Service live of the support sheets (BECO® ENDURA®) is considerable extended
  • Non-polluting waste disposal
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