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BECOFLOC filter flakes combine strong positive electro-kinetic charges for the adsorption of turbidity particles with ideal material structure reinforce the filter cake and increase its volume of pre-coat filtration. The filtration of turbidities from liquids is a decisive step of production in many areas.

BECOFLOC 7 filter additive has strong positive electro-kinetic charge for colloid binding in the beverage industry (fine filtration). It increases clarification and reduces filter aid consumption. It is equally suitable for basic pre-coating and for body-feed.

Filter Material
Filter flakes
Pre-Coat Filtration
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Core features

  • Brilliant clarity because of high adsorptive capacity
  • Safety by fibre-reinforced filter cakes
  • Good interlinking and bridging in the filter cake prevents break-through of turbidities
  • High economy because of lower filter consumption
  • BECOFLOC filter flakes stabilize the filter cake
  • Quick and easy cleaning of the filter system
  • Extended filtration cycles with slow pressure build-up
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