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Eaton´s BECO INTEGRA DISC MK stacked disc cartridge housings with hinged lid are enclosed depth filtration systems designed for a wide range of filtration tasks for applications in the chemical industry and related sectors.

Filter area
20.5 - 79.7 ft² (1.9 - 7.4 m²)
Stainless steel, AISI 316L

Core features

  • Easy opening and closing of the vessel thanks to a hinged lid
  • Quick and simple replacement of the used stacked disc cartridges
  • Easy handling and cleanability thanks to ergonomic design
  • ATEX certified
  • Low capital cost at relatively large filter surfaces at comfortable implementation into existing processes
  • Variable application options through the use of different BECODISC depth filter modules with flat adapters
  • High corrosion resistance due to the use of V4A material (type AISI 316L)
  • Small footprint through compact design and easy integration into the filtration process

Industries include:

  • Fine chemical
  • Pharmaceuticals
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