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The fully automatic integrity test unit BECO MAX2 is designed for the regular testing of membrane filter cartridges and determines if a filter meets microbial removal specifications and is correctly installed. The testing result indicates an accurate indication of the membrane filter cartridge's integrity prior to filtration.  It features an easy-to-use keypad and backlit four-line display in a stainless steel housing.

Fully Automatic Pressure Hold Test
Backlit 4-Line

Core features

  • Easy-to-use keypad
  • Water resistant
  • Stainless steel housing protects from splashes of water and delivers long-lasting battery life.
  • User friendly device in hard to reach places
  • Save and print up to 10 programs and 40 performance data
  • Dot matrix printer with power supply unit, printer cable, spare paper rolls (2.24" (57 mm)) and spare ink ribbon
  • Languages: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Danish or Swedish (on request)
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