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Eaton's BECO CP1 depth filter sheets were developed for the filtration of colloidal and viscous media, and media containing particles. It offers a high dirt holding capacity.

These filter sheets can be used for a wide range of filtration tasks-even with highly viscous liquids to remove coarse, crystalline, amorphous and gel-like structure particles.

Filter Material
Cellulose with mineral components
Coarse, clarifying and fine filtration
FDA, EC1935

Core features

  • High dirt-holding capacity for economic filtration
  • Differentiated fiber and cavity structure (internal surface area) for a widest possible range of applications and operating conditions
  • The ideal combination of filtration-active and adsorptive properties ensures maximum safety
  • Very pure raw materials and therefore minimum influence on filtrates
  • Comprehensive quality assurance for all raw and auxiliary materials and intensive in-process controls ensure consistent quality of the finished products


  • Retention of activated charcoal particles
  • Polishing filtration of cooking oils
  • Solvents, clear varnishes
  • Vegetable extracts
  • Ointment bases
  • Filtration of Fuller's earth


  • Beer
  • Wine
  • Fruit juice
  • Fruit wine
  • Fine chemicals
  • Pharmaceuticals

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