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SIHA Activated Carbon UF

SIHA Activated Carbon UF fining agent is an activated carbon of plant origin that was specially developed for the correction of color defects in beverages. It is used in ultrafiltration (UF) systems. SIHA Activated Carbon UF fining agent has an ideal grain size distribution for protecting the membranes, pumps and piping of the UF system. It has very high adsorption capability for colorants and polyphenols and therefore offers high performance at low dosage.

Activated carbon for correction of color defects, UF compatibility
Activated carbon (powder) of plant origin
max. 10-100 g/hl

Core features

  • Adsorption of undesirable colorants in beverages with high coloring or beverages that have become brown
  • Adsorption of undesirable tannins
  • Large internal surface area with resulting high adsorption capability
  • Stabilization of fruit juice through adsorption of polyphenols
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