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SIHA CARBOGRAN FA is a purified activated carbon of vegetable origin that is capable of correcting color defects. The gentle activation process changes the inner surface of the carbon, making it specifically capable of adsorbing coloring substances.

Thanks to a specially developed and gentle granulation process the adsorptive capacity of the powdered product is fully retained in the granulate.

SIHA CARBOGRAN FA activated carbon can be used for wines, sweet must, juices, spirits, and sugar solutions.

Activated carbon for correction of color defects
Activated carbon (granulate) of vegetable origin
max. 10-100 g/hl

Core features

  • A dust-free application because of its granulated structure
  • It adsorbs undesired coloring substances in beverages that have turned brown or are intensely colored
  • It has a large inner surface and therefore results a high adsorptive capacity
  • The granulate dissolves quickly and completely in the liquid
  • The product can be used directly - prior suspension not necessary
  • It builds a compact turbidity depot thanks to good sedimentation
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