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SIHA Gelatin Fine Granules

Gelatin Fine Granules fining agent is a highly pure edible gelatin for fining beverages. It is particularly suitable for the treatment of grape mashes, wines and fruit juices. It has a high positive charge that reacts intensively with negatively charged colloids in beverages, e.g. tannins and residual pectins, and is precipitated together with these.

Reduction of negatively charges colloids, tannins and residual pectins in beverages
Purified gelatin, granulate (80-110 Bloom)
5-20 g/hl

Core features

  • High positive adsorptive capacity for negatively charged tannins and residual pectins
  • Good solvent power at 110 – 130 °F (45 – 55 °C)
  • Natural, highly pure food-grade protein with high gelling potential
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