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SIHA Gelatin Liquid

SIHA Gelatin Liquid fining agent is a stable, 20% aqueous gelatin solution for treating grape mash and grape must. Because it is easy to use, SIHA Gelatin Liquid fining agent is particularly recommended for the fining of mashes and musts and can usually be used without preliminary tests, based on empirical values. For the fining of wine and fruit juices a preliminary test should be carried out to determine the individual requirements and optimize the fining effect.

Reduction of negatively charges colloids, tannins and residual pectins in beverages
Purified gelatin, liquid
max. 15-300 ml/hl

Core features

  • High positive charge that reacts intensely with negatively charged beverage colloids
  • 20 % aqueous gelatin solution
  • Easy to use
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