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8 Zone control panel for conventional fire systems

Eaton’s 8 zone conventional fire alarm system panel is designed to be straightforward and easy to use. Created for small to medium-sized applications including schools, warehouses, retail stores and office buildings, it features an intuitive interface makes programming and maintenance hassle-free.

Approved to EN54-2&4, it has a modern, robust and discreet enclosure that blends effortlessly into contemporary surroundings.

World leaders in fire alarm and detection systems, Eaton has a range of conventional devices to create a system to suit your application such as bells for signalling change in schools or warehouses.

One man test facility
Interlink relay
Function for connecting 2 panels
Isolator barrier
Zones are switchable

Switch between normal and intrinsically safe modes for peace of mind in industrial applications

The 8 zone panel offers a standard mode and an intrinsically safe mode. In the standard mode, the maximum loading is 32 detectors and manual call points per zone, in the intrinsically safe mode the maximum loading switches to 10 detectors and manual call points per zone. With the addition of an isolator barrier, the panel has the flexibility to monitor standard or intrinsically safe conventional zone circuits, making it suitable for industrial applications.

Intelligent design for an intelligent panel

The aesthetically pleasing control panel has a modern and discreet enclosure to ensure the device does not look out of place in public areas. The device accommodates simple system testing by a single fire alarm technician and its interlink relay gives greater flexibility to configure zones to work in ATEX areas using an isolator barrier.

Instant recognition, for fire and non-fire applications

Designed for not just fire applications, with the addition of a conventional bell the 8 zone control panel can also be used to sound class change in schools or to signal shift changeover in factories.

BiWire Flexi - Your simpler, cheaper, more versatile choice for new & old fire projects

Whether fitting out a building extension, retrofitting an outdated system or looking to benefit from the cost and time benefits of two-wire technology on a new build and want to utilise certain conventional devices; BiWire Flexi gives you the power to adapt the system to the site.

Project perfect, view our full range of conventional fire alarm devices

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