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Door release module for addressable fire systems

The door release module is an interface designed to enable Eaton's addressable fire alarm systems to work in tandem with door holders / retainers.

Developed to be compliant with the BS 7273-4:2015 code of practice for the fail-safe operation of door release mechanisms and door holders. It ensures that, in the event of a fire, or a fault on the fire alarm system, any doors that are electronically controlled will operate correctly.

Playing a critical role in ensuring evacuation routes are not blocked, and that specific fire doors are closed to slow the spread of fire and smoke.

Cost effective
Quick and simple installation
Intelligent system
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Ease of wiring
Pluggable terminals

Ensuring evacuation routes are clear and stopping the spread of fire

Complying with BS7273 Part 4, in the event of a fire, controlled doors will assist in building evacuation and help to slow the spread of fire and smoke.

BS7273 Part 4 governs how door holders and door release mechanisms are controlled by fire systems.

The CIOP-7273 door release module allows addressable fire systems to comply with BS7273 Part 4, even to the most demanding Category A requirements for critical operation in the event of a fire or a fire alarm system fault.

Example fire alarm system with door release module for safe evacuation

16 ways to ensure fire doors work safely and effectively during an evacuation

The units are suitable for switching low voltage (24V DC @ 2A maximum), via a set of non-latching relay contacts. The flexibility of these modules is further enhanced by the fact that each output can be programmed for the full range of triggers required by BS7273-4 such as disablement, fault and fire with additional triggers of pre-alarm, fire routing equipment, fire-protecting equipment. Each output can be programmed with 16 triggers.

Easily program any door to open or close with Site Installer

The unit is a 2 way soft addressed output module, incorporating integral short circuit isolators, and can be programmed using Eaton's Site Installer PC software using the RS232 port. Enabling the system to open or close a specific door based on the hardware configuration and the requirement of the building.

What is BS 7273-4:2015?

BS 7273-4:2015 is the code of practice governing door-holders and door release mechanisms in the UK. The CIOP-7273 Eaton Fire module allows addressable systems to comply with the demands of class A doors and their release in the event of the full range of scenarios as detailed in BS7273-4 standard.

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