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Loop mimic PCB for addressable fire systems

Eaton's range of loop mimic PCBs for addressable fire systems enables crucial system and device status indication to be routed to external LED displays.

The master PCB controls up to 32 outputs as a standalone device or up to 250 outputs total when daisy chained to slave PCB’s with each slave controlling up to 32 outputs. Power is driven from an external supply for the master PCB and can be loop or network driven.

Both the slave and master PCB's are available with LEDs to indicate fire, fault or clear indication or with a relay output to switch on other outputs such as lighting, door release mechanisms or sprinkler systems if a fault or fire is indicated.

Simple set-up
Easy configuration with Eaton site installer
2 versions available
Quick and easy to install

Two board types.

Two powerful ways to make your system even more intelligent.

LED's on a PCB with a blue light

LED for clear indication of fire or fault location

LED boards will light up to indicate a fire or fault status, giving clear indication of the location of the fire or fault.

Sprinkler during a fire

Relay output for connecting to other life saving systems

Relay boards have the ability to switch on other outputs such as lighting, door release mechanisms or sprinkler systems if a fault or fire is indicated.

Outputs can be operated by address, zone or panel activation

The flexibility of these boards is further enhanced with each output having the ability to be programmed for fire or fault, with up to 5 different zones or addresses per output. If a device connected to the panel went into fault, the LED would indicate this enabling maintenance crew to easily locate the device and replace it.

Ideal for geographical LED mimic displays

Mimic boards provide clear indication of where an emergency is situated, helping building staff or emergency services act accordingly. The LED outputs provided by the PCB can be collected and used to build a separate mimic panel for building employees, or for fire services. The panel would consist of a basic schematic of the building or the floor of a building with up to 250 LEDs per master board.

Taking mimic loops digital with Eaton's state of the art management tool

The functionality of mimic boards are being used more and more in visualization software. Eaton's Fire Graphical Visualization Software shows a virtual representation of a building and it's fire system so users can control and interrogate their systems to ensure alarms can be located and dealt with efficiently.

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