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BiWire Flexi two-wire or conventional fire alarm panel

The BiWire Flexi panel combines two technologies to provide a truly versatile fire safety solution.

The panel can be configured to allow either two-wire or conventional devices to work on a zone. Each zone is individually configurable so a mixture of types can therefore be installed on the same system. This provides you with the flexibility to utilise all the time-saving benefits of a two-wire system with the ability to use a wide range of conventional devices, where required. 

It shares the same straightforward, intuitive interface as the 8 Zone conventional panel, providing a proven solution for simple programming and maintenance. The BiWire Flexi fire alarm system is certified to EN54 parts 2 and 4 and is designed to meet the recommendations of BS 5839. 

Easy to extend existing conventional systems
Two-wire system can reduce cabling by up to 50%
Typical system installation time can be reduced by a third

Your simpler, cheaper, more versatile choice for new and existing fire alarm system installations

Whether you are fitting out a building extension, retrofitting an outdated system with limited knowledge of the original installation or looking to benefit from the cost and time benefits of two-wire technology on a new build and still want to utilise conventional devices; BiWire Flexi gives you the power to adapt the system to the site. Projects change, your panel doesn't have to.

Conventional fire system compared to a BiWire Flexi fire system
Difference between a typical 4 wire conventional and a BiWire Flexi fire alarm system installation.

Installing a fire system extension as part of wider building work?

Two-wire (2-wire) fire alarm systems can often be overlooked when selecting additional devices or panels for building extensions; the cabling and devices are already in place and it can be perceived as expensive to replace them. The problem this creates is that any additional conventional devices added can be costly and require unnecessary additional cabling. BiWire Flexi provides the best of both worlds: new cost-effective 2-wire devices without replacing existing devices and a panel that works with both.

Simple to install, easy to find a fault

A handy fault-finding feature helps you locate problems relating to both open circuit wiring or removed detectors. The installation manual also shows how to put the panel into ‘self-test mode’ so that all detectors flash amber to indicate there is power to the devices and that they’re properly clipped in.

Be less conventional with Eaton's range of two-wire fire alarm devices

From the world's leading supplier of fire notification devices, Eaton's range of 2-wire fire alarm devices helps you to maximise the BiWire Flexi system. From our 5 in 1 detector to our VAD compliant sounder beacon base, each device has been chosen specifically to be part of the BiWire Ultra device range for their quality, ease of use and low installation cost.
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