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Product codes

2 Zone BiWire Flexi panel EFBW2FLEXI  
4 Zone BiWire Flexi panel EFBW4FLEXI  
8 Zone BiWire Flexi panel EFBW8FLEXI  

Technical specifications

Power Specification (2x MB512 batteries required. Batteries not included)  
Input Voltage Range:  18.75 - 30.7V  
Maximum Current Drawn From Battery:  2.7A  
Zone Circuits  
Number of Zones: 2 / 4 / 8  
Devices Per Zone:  BiWire Mode: Max of 32 BiWire Detectors and Manual Call Points, total loading including BiWire sounders cannot exceed 200mA in alarm
Conventional Mode: Max 32 Conventional Detectors and Manual Call Points
Intrinsically Safe Conventional Mode: Max of 10 intrinsically Safe Detectors and Manual Call Point
Maximum Loading per Zone: 200mA  
Standby Zone Voltage: Vmin 19Vdc
Vmax 23Vdc
Alarm Zone Voltage: Vmin 31Vdc
Vmax 33Vdc
Fuse Protection Per Zone:  250mA PTC  
End of Line Termination: BiWire Zones: EOLM-3 Only
Standard Conventional Zones: EOLM-1 only
Intrinsically Safe Zones: 6K8 resistor
Conventional Sounder Circuits  
Number of Sounder Circuit:  BiWire Flexi 2 & 4 zone panels: 2 conventional sounder circuits
BiWire Flexi 8 zone panel: no conventional sounder circuits if all zones are in BiWire mode
BiWire Flexi 8 zone panel: 2 conventional sounder circuits if up to 4 zones are in conventional mode
BiWire Flexi 8 zone panel: 4 conventional sounder circuits if 5 or more zones are in conventional mode
Maximum Loading Per Circuit: 500mA  
Fuse Protection Per Circuit: 500mA PTC  
End of Line Termination:  6K8 Resistor   
Unmonitored Outputs  
Fire, Fault, Interlink Relay: Type - Volt-Free, Single Pole Double Throw
Rating - 30V DC, 1A
Fuse - 500mA PTC
Auxiliary Output: V - 18.15-30.7V
Imax - 50mA
Fuse - 50mA PTC
Unmonitored Inputs  
Class Change: Open Circuit - Normal Panel Operation
Short Circuit - Activate All Sounders
Communications Ports  
Repeater Port (use of this port is outside the scope of EN54): Type - RS485
Nodes - 1
Operating Temperature: -5°C to +40°C  
Relative Humidity (Non-condensing):  93% +/-3%   
IP Rating: IP30  
Weight (excluding batteries): 2.25kg  
Materials: PC ABS Front and Rear  
Cable Access: 29 x 20mm drill positions - Slots for rear cable entry
Cable Type: Firetuf  FT120 / FP200
Cable type 2  core 1.5mm, screened fire rated cable, 500m (Max per zone)
Standards:  EN54 Part 2 CIE & Part 4 PSE, BS5839-pt1  
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