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Product codes

Wall Sounder EF009
Wall Sounder, Weatherproof EF009WP
Wall Sounder VAD EF009SB
Wall Sounder VAD, Weatherproof EF009SBWP

Technical specifications

Supply Voltage (Alarm): 25.5Vdc - 35Vdc 
Supply Voltage (BiWire Standby): 18Vdc - 25.5Vdc
Supply Voltage (Conventional) Supply 18Vdc - 35Vdc
Cable Size / Type: 0.5-2.5mm / FIRETUF, FP200 or MICC
Standby Current (BiWire Model): <15µA
Current (High Volume): Sounder Only = 4.8mA, AV = 11mA
Current (Low Volume): Sounder Only = 2.6mA, AV = 8.7mA
Sound Output (High Volume): 99 +/- 3dB(A)
Sound Output (Low Volume): 89 +/- 3dB(A)
Operating Temperature: -25°C to +70°C (95%RH)
Material: ABS FR Plastic
Environmental Category: EF009SB: IP21C
Tones: 3
Flash Rate: 0.5Hz (Not applicable to EF009WP)
Flash On Period: 60ms (Not applicable to EF009WP)
Dimensions (HxWxD): EF009 / EF009SB - 106mm x 106mm x 91mm
EF009WP / EF009SBWP - 110mm x 110mm x 100mm
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