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Sounder detector base for conventional fire systems

Enabling the combination of two devices into one installation point, Eaton's conventional sounder detector base can be used either in conjunction with a detector to form a detector sounder or with the use a cover plate to deploy as a discreet standalone fire alarm sounder.

When combined with a detector, the reduced number of installation points help to decrease the cost and time to fit systems which across a full project can make a huge difference.

Popular in commercial applications such as hotels and restaurants due to its slim and attractive design, the device easily blends into its surroundings when compared to traditional fire alarm sounders.

Discreet design
Easy to service
Simple single installation point

A low-key design perfect for public places

The stand-alone conventional sounder boasts a flat shape and low profile design, making it ideal for applications such as hotel bedrooms where sounders would be required, but a discreet design may be preferred.

Independent operation or paired with a detector? Both options in 1 device

The conventional base sounder can be installed as a stand alone sounder or ceiling mounted with a detector as a sounder base. When used as a stand alone sounder, the device can be either wall mounted or ceiling mounted and completed with an optional cover plate.

Three flexible detection technologies, multiple applications

5 in 1 Multi-mode detector

  • Ultimate flexibility in one detector
  • Certified for use in 5 modes (Optical, photo/thermal and three heat)
  • Change type with position switches located on the back
Eaton Photo-Thermal Detector

Optical smoke detector

  • Uses infrared to continually check for smoke particles in the chamber
  • Less likely to be set off by cooking fumes
  • For use near but not in kitchens
Eaton Optical Smoke Detector

Photo/thermal detector

  • Responds quickly to clean burning fires while maintaining an advantage over optical detectors when sensing smouldering fires
  • Thermal enhancement allows for higher alarm threshold reducing false alarms
Eaton Photo-Thermal Detector

Heat detector range

  • Choose between: Rate of rise heat, fixed heat 77 ˚C or fixed heat 92 ˚C
  • Fixed options alert when the specified temperature is reached
  • Ideal for small student accommodation blocks in kitchens to stop false alarms
Eaton Multi-Mode Heat Detector

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