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Compact door retainer for conventional fire systems

Eaton's compact conventional magnetic door retainer are competitively priced, simple to install and discreetly styled. The reliable door retainers are ideal for a wide range of applications, such as nursing homes, hospitals and busy corridors.

They enable doors to be held open under normal conditions but automatically released in the event of fire alarm activation to stop the spread of fire when interfaced with control panel.

Two options are available: mains powered, 230Vac to 240Vac or 24Vdc from an external power supply.

Power options
Mains or 24Vdc
Quick fit
Fast fit clip-on cover
Wall or floor (with bracket)

Prevent the spread of fire through automatic door release

In busy environments, such as hospitals or schools, it is often necessary to have doors held open, but in event of a fire precautions must be taken. With door retainers linked to your conventional fire system panel, they will automatically be released on fire alarm activation, helping to save lives through fire spread prevention.

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